Max Squared Security

Our Services

Max2 Security is on a mission to make the cyber world a safer place and to detangle the technical from the basics of risk management in a new domain.


Cybersecurity isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s not gained through tools. Our offerings are tailored to your environment and its unique threats and constraints.

Private Equity and Regulated Risk
We help you understand your risk across your portfolio.
Cyber Insurers and Litigation Services
Better decision making before insuring and after a claim.
Higher Education
Combat cyber threats while balancing budgets and the requirement for openness.
Recruiters and Staffing Agencies
Understand the human and their activities that might bring risk to your client.


Focusing on threats and vulnerabilities alone neglects the balance needed to ensure your cybersecurity program maximizes value while minimizing risk.

Fraction or Virtual Governance
CISOs are expensive – we provide the human capital to supercharge your progress at a fraction of the cost.
Deep / Dark / Surface Web Analysis and Monitoring
We provide the “ground truth” of what’s actually happening across your organization.
Regulatory or Risk-Based Assessments
Our assessments help ensure you’re in compliance while also helping you actually reduce risk – tailored to your specific needs.